Monday, August 31, 2009

Louisville Zombie Attack (Pt. 1)

As I was walking along Bardstown Road toward Eastern Parkway, I passed this guy in a white lab coat. As he walked past me, I heard him saying into his cell phone, “…we have zombies on Bardstown Road…”

He hurried past, and started interviewing groups of people.

At Bardstown and Eastern, the crowd was gathering. The sidewalks were lined with spectators. I stopped and waited.

At 8:29, a cheer went up, and the zombies surged forward. The first ones ran (I guess to beat the crowd to the tables at Bearno’s), leaving behind the cutely shambling undead families, rotting hot mini-skirted cheerleaders, portly redneck beercadavers, pale corpse brides, and various other made-up grotesque goofballs to form a long cannibalistic parade.
Standouts were a zombie who continually wandered through traffic, often falling in the middle of Bardstown Rd. and crawling; a zombie Easter Bunny; a zombie Speed Racer; and an undead Adam and Eve, who really looked quite naked from a short distance away.

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