Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"The School" by Don Barthelme

I've been trying to find a short film version of this story that I saw on PBS a few years ago. It was pretty good. I did find one version from the same time period, but it wasn't the one I saw before.  I did, however, find the short story itself online, and thought that Kevin and Brian might like to read it.


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  1. What an incredibly depressing and sad outlook. Not the deaths...over and over, but the belief that life gives meaning to life. I just can't buy into it.

    Someone asked me about my belief that there is something after we die. They asked how I could believe. I said, "If I am right, and I do believe I am, then I will have joy in abundance. And it will make any hardships or difficulties I have been through more meaningful. The good things in my life, will be there for me to enjoy."

    "What if you are wrong?" she said.

    "Then I won't know it."


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