Monday, August 31, 2009

Louisville Zombie Attack (Pt. 3)

The guy lying on the ground was looking pretty dead, except that he started talking on his cell phone.

The most memorable part was after most of the crowd had gathered at Bearno’s: Someone yelled and pointed at the street, and soon a mob of zombies had swarmed around the No. 17 bus to Fern Creek.

It was quite funny, and I laughed out loud, although I think they took it a little too far: There were probably 30-40 of them around the bus (which couldn’t move, since traffic was at a zombie-induced standstill). They pressed their faces against the windows, moaning loudly and banging on the bus. Then the started rocking the bus. After a few moments, the bus driver opened the door and gave them hell, prompting them to back off. As the bus passed me, I could see bloody handprints on the windows.


  1. I shot about six of them zombie fellers the other night, and more just kept coming. But those six and the three I ran over just stayed on the ground, which was weird. In the movies they always get right back up and stumble after whoever they were chasing.

  2. I saw the one crawing against traffic several times. I think that zombie was on something. I think a lot of them were on a lot of something. I hope it doesn't get out of hand, because I like the whole idea and love to go take it all in.

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