Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Night Part 2: Squash & Mint

At lunch today, I prepared our first freshly harvested summer squash. I tried a new recipe that turned out to be, in my opinion, surprisingly delicious: sauteed squash slices with honey and minced mint leaves. My daughters did not like it. I sort of threw a small slice into Kim's mouth, and she said she thought it was pretty good, although I noted she didn't get any more (perhaps she decided that it didn't go well with the spaghetti and pesto she was eating for lunch, which I an understand, although I thought it went fine with the garlic tomato sauce I had on my pasta.)

Seriously, though. If you have some squash and some mint, you should consider this. I was impressed.


  1. Let's see...when was the last time I had some squash. Let me think.....

  2. Sounds exotic. Grown and prepared with the best of ingredients - TLC!

  3. Belatedly, after some careful consideration, my opinion: I bet it's pretty good. I know honey and mint make a good combination with melons (and hot sauce), so why not with squash, too? I plan on trying it. If I don't like it, I want my money back on this cook book.

  4. When you made this did you saute the squash without any butter or salt and pepper? Also how much honey would you say you used. We have squash coming out of our ears, so we are thrilled to have a new recipe to try!

    - Brooke


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