Monday, January 30, 2012

Glads in winter

 I have glads coming up, and not just barely poking out; this one is about eight inches tall. I noticed it when I was playing soccer in the back yard with the girls over the weekend.  It looks like the only ones coming up are ones that were in a bare patch of soil; I actually can't remember there being glads there last year, but I know there were some the year before last.  This is a spot in which I tried to dig up all the bulbs two autumns ago, and I don't know if I planted bulbs there since.  So these are either ones that I missed when I was digging (and which where dormant until now), or I planted them there last spring or summer and they never grew until now.  I really don't remember.  Anyway, I piled leaves around the glads to give them some shelter from the cold.
I did some garden work for the first time in months: cut down the dead fennel, tore up old tomatoe vines, raked out some dead vegetation, poured some old compost into the garden, cut down the asters.  It was a pretty day yesterday, but windy.

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