Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still more old student work

I don't have any new artwork to put up.  I have just been commissioned to do a pen-and-ink drawing of some people using an Ottawa dragsaw (I had no idea what that was until I was commissioned to draw it.)  I'm working on another local landmark drawing.  I'm still working on the oil painting I started on Shippingport Island back in October.  And I'm slated to begin some mural work over at Candy and Will's house.  So I have a lot to do, but nothing finished to take pictures of.
Here's another really old student drawing.  This is a painting of a model from one of our classes, back around 1992.  I thought it was coming along OK, but I was very unhappy with the face, so I wiped it off to repaint it.  Our time for the day ran out, and we put up our work for discussion.  I explained that I was still working on the face, but my instructor, Ying Kit Chan, said, "Are you sure? It's kind of interesting like that."  That's why I never finished.  I was frustrated and my professor gave me an excuse to stop.
The painting of the buildings was done outside on campus at U of L.  This was done with large flat areas of bright color, which contrasts with my very painterly paintings of the same time period.  This one ended up with Ed and Loraine, and they might still have it somewhere.

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