Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three (old) self portraits

Here are three more of my paintings from 20 years ago. (And by the way, I do acknowledge that it’s especially narcissistic to post pictures of my old student work on my blog. However, I just haven’t had anything else worth posting.)

The first painting is probably my first self-portrait in oil. Again, the raw meat look. Pretty harsh lighting.

The second is titled “El REY del MARk.” I don’t remember what inspired it. Aaron McQueen had it for quite a few years; he might still, unless Michelle very sensibly convinced  him to throw it out.

The last one is actually life-size, and was never finished. The thing that I’m proudest of is that I manufactured the stretchers for it myself, and assembled it with corner nails and braces. It’s pretty heavy-duty. I tore off and threw away the painting itself 15 or more years ago, but I still have the assembled stretchers in my garage; someday, I’ll paint something huge on it!

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  1. These are interesting, Mark. You know, we have a self-portrait of you in our attic. I'll bet you've forgotten about it. It's very large, on canvas.


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